Proposal: Wikimedia Australia Meetups

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Since the inception of the Wikimedia movement, meeting each other in person has been commonplace. It's an opportunity for Wikimedians to come together and celebrate our movement, learn new things and meet new people, but also presents an excellent opportunity for community outreach. Wikimedia Australia is no exception. There have been regular meetups in Melbourne and Sydney, with more sporadic meetups in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, and the rest of the country. There has also been GLAM events and three unconferences in Canberra.

In recent times, Melbourne has hosted frequent meetups - once a month until last month, and initially these were well-attended, but dropped off over time. The same holds true for many other state locations, while community meetups initially had good attendence levels, it has declined over time.

WMAU has gained members as a result of meetups, editors have become more active in the movement and the general public has become more aware of the purpose of Wikimedia. To continue on with this, I propose the following:

  • Each month (normally on the last Sunday of each month), starting in January (the 12th anniversary of Wikipedia), a Meetup will take place in each capital city. These, where practical would occur on the same day, and would be Wikimedia Australia meetups.
  • Invites could be sent to Wikipedians in the area via talk notices, email, or public notices (such as newspapers)
  • Where possible, a brief report would be written up on attendees, and what happened at the meetup.
  • If no active WMAU members exist in a capital city, (?????)
  • Small grants would be available if required for venue hire, however the use of public facilities (cafes, libraries) would be preferred.

(Anne, please feel free to add/change/edit this to death).

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