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Proposal_talk: Camera equipment program/Archive 1

Revision as of 05:36, 6 August 2011 by PeterJeremy (talk | contribs) (Comments from my mail seconding the proposal.)
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Following are some comments extracted from my mail as seconder.

I was initially concerned that the bar might be set a bit high but the existence of a number of potential recipients suggests it might be OK. We might need to clarify that "categories" on Commons are a lot looser than on WP and define "freely license".

If the grant is retrospective, do the "500 images using the new equipment" overlap with the images used to justify the grant? (IE, I buy a new camera, take 1000 photos with it and upload them with an appropriate free license, then apply for a grant. If I receive the grant, have I already fulfilled the "freely license 500 photographs that use the new equipment" requirement?)

--PeterJeremy 15:36, 6 August 2011 (EST)