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==Completed projects==
==Completed projects==
Wikipedian in Residence
*[[w:Wikipedia:GLAM/State Library of New South Wales|Project page]] (WiR at [[w:State Library of New South Wales|SLNSW]])
* 2013.05.26 [[Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia|Launch of Freopedia]]
* 2013.05.26 [[Wikipedia:GLAM/Freopedia|Launch of Freopedia]]

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This page lists all current and archived proposals for consideration by the organisation. New proposals need to go through the proposal process to be included.

Draft proposals

Projects in planning

Date of proposal Title/Link Type Date of approval Objective/s Anticipated start date
2013.03 WCA council member Admin January Board meeting To move the role of WCA council member from the Wikimedia Australia committee to a community member
2013.03 Establishing a research database Admin/ tool ? To make Wikipedia dumps and other Wikimedia related data sets available to Australian researchers and Australian Wikipedians ?
2013.03 Contracting Policy/ Admin ? To establish a list of preferred suppliers for the provision of services that cannot reasonably be provided by volunteers ?
2013.03 Quarterly board meetings Policy ? To improve community access by introducing quarterly board meetings simultaneously with meetups
2012.10 Conflict of interest policy Policy ? To publish and edit the draft Conflict of Interest policy October?
2013.02 WWI WiR Partnerships/ Policy ? To support a group of Wikimedians in Residence (WiR) in Australian GLAMs
2012.12 WLM 2013 Event ? To support and plan for Wiki Loves Monuments 2013
2012.12 WWI edit-a-thon Event N/A To participate in the European series of WWI editathons on the same date Date to be determined (in collaboration with SLNSW?)
2012.11 UQ sports history linkage Partnership/ Policy To support and participate in the ARC linkage grant with UQ and Australian Paralympic Committee June?
2012.10 Wikimedia Australia Meetups Admin To hold regular meetups in eight Australian cities on a quarterly basis
2012.07 National Town Hall meeting program (2013) Policy/ Event planning To hold town hall type meetings to engage local groups Superseded by Quarterly board meetings proposal
2011.08 Wikipedia loves ... my town Pilot event To trial a version of WLM model in Australia
2010.12 PersonalWikiTool Tool To create an 'IndividualWiki' or 'PersonalWiki' tool
2010.11 Affiliated organisations Policy/ Planning To establish an affiliate system for member-based non-profits
2010.11 WikiAcademy program - Regional historical societies Policy/ Planning To establish a WikiAcademy program for wiki workshops to be held in regional areas of Australia

Completed projects


Wikipedian in Residence


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