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*[[User:Graham87/Wikimania report|Graham Pearce]]
*[[User:Graham87/Wikimania report|Graham Pearce]]
*[[User:Whiteghost.ink/Wikimania report|Whiteghost.ink]]
*[[User:Whiteghost.ink/Wikimania report|Whiteghost.ink]]
*[[User:Whiteghost.ink/Wikimania report|Liam Wyatt]]
*[[User:Witty lama/Wikimania report|Liam Wyatt]]

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This page lists reports from Wikimedia Australia.

Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Special General Meetings (SGM)

October 2012

October 2011

April 2011

September 2010

November 2009

January 2009


Small grants

JJ Harrison - August 2011

w:User:JJ Harrison/Cairns_report

Meeting:Committee_(2011-08-21), Item 5

Toby Hudson - July 2011


Meeting:Committee_(2011-07-24), Item 2.4

User:Bidgee - August 2010


Committee Meeting, Item 4.3

January 2012 AdaCamp Travel Grants



Committee Meeting, Item x.x

2012 Pelagic trips

w:User:JJ Harrison

w:User:JJ Harrison/2012 Pelagic Reports

2012 Wikimania grants