Scholarships Policy

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ENDORSED February 2016

Subject to available funds and strategic priorities, Wikimedia Australia may offer scholarships for Australians to attend Wikimania or an equivalent conference that is related to Wikimedia Australia's mission.


  • To promote Wikimedia Australia, Australian projects and local editors at Wikimania and related conferences
  • To provide active Australian Wikimedians with greater experience of the global Wikimedia community
  • To enrich global Wikimedia events by enabling participants from our region to attend
  • To facilitate new collaborations and the sharing of ideas with the Wikimedia Australia community

Scholarship details

  • Full Scholarships, will cover the following expenses:
    • Conference registration fee
    • Round trip travel as per WMAU travel policy
    • Accommodation as per WMAU travel policy
  • Partial scholarships, which will allocate a fixed sum which must be used towards expenses related to the conference


Any Wikimedia Australia member, active contributor to a Wikimedia project, or Wikimedia volunteer in any other capacity, from Australia may be considered for a scholarship.

Selection criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess applications.

The extent to which the applicant:

  • is in good standing with Wikimedia Australia, has delivered consistently on commitments and submitted activity reports for any previous grants or scholarships
  • is able to confidently and effectively represent Australia within the global Wikimedia community
  • is active in Wikimedia activities
  • is a leader within the Wikimedia movement
  • is recognised as collaborating with other individuals or organisations in order to execute activities
  • is demonstrating an impact through Wikimedia activities
  • has ability and capacity to share ideas with the Australian Wikimedia community
  • is a financial member of Wikimedia Australia at the time of submitting their scholarship application

Selection process

Applicants will complete a scholarship application by the closing date

The Wikimedia Australia committee will appoint a 2-3 person scholarship committee to consider all applications and rate them according to the selection criteria

Following the selection process, the chair of the WMAU scholarship committee will submit a recommendation to the WMAU committee for endorsement by the committee and ratification of the related budget expenditure.

Following WMAU committee endorsement, the chair of the WMAU scholarship committee will notify the successful applicants advising them of the level and conditions of their scholarship.

Following acceptance by successful applicants, the chair of the scholarship committee will notify the unsuccessful applicants.

In the case of a successful applicant being subsequently unable to use their scholarship, the scholarship committee will determine whether to re-allocate those funds to an unsuccessful applicant, or to let the unspent scholarship funds lapse.


The anticipated timeline for the 2017 WMAU Scholarship Program is as follows:

  • WMAU scholarship applications open: February 2020
  • Deadline for applying for WMAU scholarships: Monday 2 March 2020 23:59 WST
  • Evaluations by the scholarship committee: TBC
  • Applicants may be contacted for further information or interview: TBC
  • Scholarship committee recommendations submitted to Wikimedia Australia Committee for endorsement: TBC
  • Applicants are notified about final decisions: TBC
  • The final list of recipients is announced: TBC
  • Wikimania 2017: 5-9 August 2020
  • Reports due from scholarship recipients: 13 September 2020


Send your questions to and these will be forwarded to the scholarship committee.


To apply for a Wikimedia Australia scholarship to attend Wikimania 2017, please submit a completed application by the due date

In the scholarship application, you should indicate whether you are applying for a full or partial scholarship, and indicate if applying for a full scholarship, but would be able to attend if awarded a partial scholarship.

Application form Wikimania 2017 scholarship

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