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  • ...bit of travelling, a number of photographs have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. ...ee|over 3,000 original images]]. Most of my time is now spent on Wikimedia Commons, uploading photographs, creating and maintaining categories, checking what
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  • ! Welcome to Wikipedia !! Ten Simple Rules !! Introduction to free licenses !! Evaluating Wikipedia article quality ...es for Editing Wikipedia.pdf|150px|center]] || [[File:Introduction to free licenses 2010-11-27 (web).pdf|150px|center]] || [[File:Evaluating Wikipedia article
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  • ...of the event: "Shots submitted must be licensed with the correct creative commons license required by Wikipedia."[http://www.flickr.com/groups/wikipedia_love ...mounting a photography exhibition based on the work selected in Wikimedia Commons: Picture of the Year. When the 2009 PotY event is completed a more official
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  • ...final submission is available as a [http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/79/DBCDE_Digital_Economy_Future_Directions_-_Wikimedia_Australia_submissi ...auds the Australian Bureau of Statistics for its recent move to a Creative Commons licence for all information on its website and would like to see other gove
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