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WMAu Strategic Planning (SP) Group

Subcommittee role: To develop a Strategic Plan, preferably for a defined period of time, and to be renewed.

The WMF Strategic Plan represents the core function of the Wikimedia movement. It therefore can either be tailored to suit WMAu, or be adopted by WMAu in it entirety as a universal core. If the latter is the preferred option, it remains for the subcommittee to establish the overall strategic plan for WMAu. To achieve this we need to identify and therefore incorporate into the plan what is uniquely required for our Chapter (identify and develop best practice, with an aim to continuous improvement) and also identify what needs to be incorporated in the document to be sufficiently inclusive in our outreach to nations and communities in the southern hemisphere. We also need to be mindful of 'timelines' and the need to write up 'drafts'; a kind of part to whole approach to the development of the SP. That is, single reports/papers discussing a given issue/element of the content of such a plan.

With this in focus, here is a rough outline of what such a WMAu strategic plan might look like:

Identify the areas or elements to be included in a SP: We would at the very least need to look at 'internal needs', such as committee and public officer, and our meetings (model rules as a guide to the documentation we need to develop over time to create a 'manual' of guidelines (not rules, but guidelines).

In this area we could examine:

  1. Committee and Public Officer - functions and responsibilities in 'proforma' detail (SP would indicate that we would do x, y in the next say 2 or 3 years). Develop documentation to support the compilation of a manual, for instance. Include proformas required for the key dates in the Chapters organisational calendar, for instance.
  1. Policy - to identify and develop guidelines for the development of policy through say, a structure such as a subcommittee.
  1. Membership - We need to examine the 'members' needs', at the very least in relation to recruitment, managing and training, in 'x' areas.
  1. Housekeeping (sorry about this term!) - Tools such as internet tools, development of them over x years, and also administration documentation for the smooth running of the organisation.
  1. Structure - examine the structure of the Chapter and identify where it can be aided or enhanced, with a goal of achieving this over x years.
  1. And the following is in no correct order. We need to perhaps adopt as part of our SP, the core function of the Wikimedia movement as laid down in the WMF Strategic Plan (Kerry's document). I notice there are annotations on the document that are very useful suggestions by members of our subcommittee, and I would only add that we do not need to limit our reach in any of the areas of the document because it would be something we would want to grow into for the future. We do need to 'fit' the document to our Chapter though. Therefore we could identify any areas of the document where we can approach something from a unique WMau position, and make changes accordingly (if WMF allow us to do this). In essence the document satisfies the movement's raison d'etra in five (5) significent steps, and therefore allows us to focus on these, while at the same time tailoring our SP to our Australian experience and needs.

The five points are: Infrastructure (stabilisation of); Participation (increase); Quality (improvement of); Outreach (increase efforts); and Innovation (encourage and create).

This is a very rough draft. Also I've had a look over all the emailed suggestions from members and committee regarding the SP and there is a great number of creative ideas there to be drawn down and extrapolated on in report form. Lots of drafts and we can bring this together, hopefully for a substantial report for the AGM.

Just one last thing - do we need to adjust the deadline of 30th June, and tie a final draft closer to the AGM? Keeping in mind that each time we deliver up a draft we need to run it by our members for comment.

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