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Ideas for Rule changes

I am collecting together ideas for rule changes. These could then be made together at one Special General Meeting or at an AGM, so approval by ChapCom and CAV is done in one hit (and one expense with CAV). They will need developing into specific amendments at a later stage.

Ordinary members of Committee

adding 2 more Ordinary Member positions (Brianna)

Standing for more than one position on Committee

There was that rule we came up against this past week regarding people submitting their name for election for a specific position, not being able to then submit their name for the ordinary member position in the event that they do not get elected to the specific position. (Liam)

I clearly remember discussing this last year and we agreed that we would allow people to run for multiple positions and then withdraw for the subsequent position if elected to the first.(Sarah)

How would that work with voting by memberdb? I do not see from the AGM how we can have withdrawn a candidate and recounted, or at least not quickly (Brian)