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Public dumps of this wiki (XML export and uploaded files) are uploaded annually to the Internet Archive:
* [https://archive.org/details/wmau_officialwiki_images 2019-09-08]

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This is Wikimedia Australia's page about it's technical infrastructure. It documents our webservers, email systems, and anything else. It's basically our equivalent of the WMF's Wikitech wiki.

We follow a similar documentation process to many projects on Toolforge, in that we put everything we can here on the wiki.

All technical issues are tracked on Wikimedia Phabricator, at phabricator:tag/wikimedia_australia.

Tech Group

The Tech Group is the group of WMAU members who are resonsible for managing the technical infrastructure, and currently comprises:

The group can be reached at tech-at-wikimedia.org.au.

Domain names

We have one domain name, wikimedia.org.au, registered with Domain Central Australia Pty. Ltd. The following subdomains exist (most are no longer in use):

  • comm.wikimedia.org.au
  • www.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to wikimedia.org.au
  • osiris.wikimedia.org.au
  • blog.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to wikimedia.org.au (with some posts redirected to their counterparts here; see phabricator:T185880 for details)
  • civicrm.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to CiviCRM
  • lists.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to wikimedia.org.au
  • mail.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to wikimedia.org.au
  • tech.wikimedia.org.au → redirects to wikimedia.org.au

Email accounts and addresses

See also Mailing lists.

All of our email is hosted with GSuite, and Committee members are given their own accounts of the form "firstname.lastname-at-wikimedia.org.au". Since we switched to GSUite for non-profits and these don't cost us anything, people keep these accounts after they leave the Committee.

WMAU members who aren't on the Committee can ask for an email alias to be set up to forward email from firstname.lastname-at-wikimedia.org.au to their own email address. This is managed via the "Recipient address map" (in Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced settings). Whenever this address map is modified, the list at comm:Tech is also updated.


We have four wikis, this public one and one private one for the Committee, and two Noongarpedia wikis. All run on one web server, currently hosted at Linode.

We try to keep templates in sync between the two WMAU wikis, with the public wiki holding the primary versions. Export selected templates for use on another WMAU wiki.


Custom PHP config is in /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/99-wmau.ini and is currently:

upload_max_filesize = 50M
post_max_size = 50M


The following things are backed up by the system administrators to their local systems:


Public dumps of this wiki (XML export and uploaded files) are uploaded annually to the Internet Archive: