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  • 17 July 2013: The World Intellectual Property Organisation has established a treaty which seeks to ensure that copyright is not a barrier to translating books etc into formats suitable for visually impaired people and to allow these to be shared across national boundaries (to avoid having to repeat the translation in each country). It is expected that this will increase the range of material available for visually impaired people worldwide. Read more!
  • 19 February: The minutes of the committee's December special meeting and January meeting have been published.
  • 6 January: The minutes of the committee's December meeting have been published.
  • 13 December: The minutes of the committee's November meeting have been published.
  • 27 October: The minutes of the committee's October meeting are now available.
  • 9 October: We are pleased to announce that The Strategic Plan for the association was approved at the Annual General Meeting on 2011-10-09.
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