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  • (National) 2021 October 13, WednesdayCommunity Meeting - A discussion about the Census and Code of Conduct — Online
    Universal Code of Conduct A discussion and opportunity to offer feedback on the Enforcement Draft Guidelines of the Universal Code of Conduct, a document that will outline the mechanism, reporting system, division of role, and disbursement of responsibilities within the Wikimedia movement to enforce the UCoC. Guided by Ramzy Muliawan, Facilitator, Movement Strategy and Governance at the Wikimedia Foundation, the conversation will focus on current and best practices of enforcing similar behavioural policy within the context of Wikimedia volunteers in Australia and Wikimedia Australia. Census Tools: A discussion The 2021 Census results will be released next year. This offers massive challenges in terms of updating and maintaining data across Wikimedia platforms. What opportunities might there be for automation or tool development to assist with this process? What needs are there and what might we build together?

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