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[[Category:Activity reports]]
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'I made the Internet smarter today' edit-a-thon 2018


Collaboration between University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, Parlour and Wikimedia Australia

On Friday 31 August 2018 the University of Melbourne UOMWiki community came together with La Trobe University's Shut up and Wiki, and Parlour's WikiD project as part of Researchers Week.

Event activity dashboard

Event page at the University of Melbourne

A day of Wikipedia editing, discussions, and upskilling across three Melbourne-based Wikipedia projects. Run as part of the annual Researchers Week, there was a session on Wikipedia's role in communicating research to the general public.

At lunchtime, the participants at the University of Melbourne event joined colleagues at La Trobe University via Zoom, for a virtual Shut up and Wiki session. This Virtual "Shut up and Wiki" was great innovation, using the "Shut up and write" format of 25-minute focused sprints (a.k.a. pomodoros), with a short break in between. It brought editors together from both venues, really focussed our work and led to some silent fun online.

A badge-making station was kept busy creating Wikipedia and Women's Register-themed badges.


  • 10.00am Welcome, housekeeping & setup
  • 10:15am "I've done my research, now what?" Pru Mitchell President, Wikimedia Australia
  • 11:00am Introduction to Wikipedia editing (workshop) OR independent editing
  • 12:00pm Introduction to Wikipedia editing (webinar) with Q&A
  • 1:00pm Virtual meet-up to join La Trobe University's "Shut Up & Wiki" (webinar)
  • 2:00pm Independent editing and lightning talks
    • Wikidata
    • How to help out with the Women's Register in Mix and Match
    • When your colleague's Wikipedia article needs correcting
    • WikiCite
    • Wikipedia work with students
  • 4:00pm End-of-event cheese & drinks

ResearcHERs @ UoM Wikipedia edit-a-thon 2017

On Friday 25 August 2017, the University of Melbourne community came together as part of Researchers Week to improve the representation of women on Wikipedia.

The day started with a well-researched keynote address from Provost Margaret Shiel, AO. The program was well-organised by a team made up of library staff with support from the National Foundation for Australian Women, the School of Historical Studies and the University's eScholarship Research Centre. Two streams of workshops catered for both new and experienced Wikipedians, and participants had access to cheat sheets, suggested subjects to edit and related reference sources, as well as all-day refreshments. The event booked out.


The edit-a-thon organising team are to be congratulated on the following achievements:


The Australian Women's Register comes to Wikidata

The University of Melbourne is a partner in the Australian Women's Archive Project established in 2000. Their Australian Women’s Register was one of the online sources used at the University of Melbourne edit-a-thon. This was an obvious dataset for Wikidata, and thanks to Toby Hudson the Australia Women's Register is now available for matching at https://tools.wmflabs.org/mix-n-match/#/catalog/534