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*'''First Sunday of the month.''': Wikimedia Australia holds a public [[meeting]], with online participation in the Australian [[IRC]] channel {{irc|wikimedia-au}}. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in discussions related to the chapter.
*:Next meeting: [[meeting:public (2013-02-03)|3 February 2013]]
*'''28 Jan- 1 Feb 2013''' [http://linux.conf.au  Australia's national Linux conference] will be held in Canberra, a great place to meet up with others in the open source community. The conference can offer some financial support (involvement in projects such as Wikipedia is one of the criteria).
* '''8 February 2013''', Editing workshop in [[w:Toowoomba, Queensland|Toowoomba]].  More information is available on the [http://www.toowoombarc.qld.gov.au/about-council/newspublications/8229-learn-how-to-create-wikipedia-content Toowoomba Regional Council website].
* '''9-11 February 2013''' ALIA's [http://newlibrarianssymposium.com/ New Librarians Symposium] will be held in Brisbane, immediately followed by
* '''12-15 February 2013''' ALIA's [http://www.information-online.com.au/ Information Online conference], also in Brisbane
[[Past events]]

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