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Hi, my name is Andrew Owens.

I'm based in Perth and am most active on English Wikipedia, although I also participate at Commons and Wikidata. I hope to be able to help out in WA especially with the education sector where I have an interest.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from Murdoch University and a Certificate IV of Training and Assessment from West Coast Institute of Training.


I was an Ordinary Member of the Wikimedia Australia Committee from 29 November 2009 until my retirement on 9 October 2011. After a break in committee membership, I returned as Secretary on 23 November 2013, and retired on 9 October 2016 (the final 11 months of which I dually served as Treasurer). My email address is


All contributions to this wiki by myself, past or present, are licenced under CC-BY-SA 3.0, and I agree that the organisation may relicence said content.

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