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I, Brian Salter-Duke, am now Treasurer of Wikimedia Australia Inc., which means I am on the Committee appointed at the AGM on January 11, 2009. When the interim committee was appointed, I was the Public Officer, but not on the committee.

As Treasurer I am responsible for keeping the accounts, submitting financial reports to the committee and general meetings, accepting payments and donations, raising cheques to pay expenses and other general financial matters. I also anticipate working on budgets and fund raising.

As Public Officer, I was responsible for submitting the application for incorporation and annual reports to the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs, and generally being the point of contact between them and Wikimedia Australia Inc. I am prepared to continue as Public Officer as it only involves submitting the annual reports to the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at:-

  • E-mail:

I expect that will forward on to me soon.

My main accounts are:-

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