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In late 2011 I had applied for the what was then known as the "large equipment grant" for the Canon 60D with the twin lens pack, close to six years on the shutter count, also known as shutter cycles, is over 140,000 (as of 17 August 2017) and on Wikimedia Commons, I have uploaded over 4,700 photographs (with many more yet to be processed and uploaded, which in itself is a slow process) taken using the camera partly paid for by the grant. Of the 4,700+ photographs uploaded there are 1,399 total images used, of which 534 are distinct images (Source: GLAMorous). All photographs are uploaded at least 2000x1333 pixels, sometimes more but depending on how much editing is required (file size for uploading, cropping or corrections). Most photographs uploaded are photographed in Australia or of Australian subjects (if taken overseas).

While the camera still functions (somewhat), a broken cable inside the camera has made it rather limited in use with zero buttons on the back of the camera are useable, for example I cannot adjust the aperture, change settings, delete files and also have no working buffer (temporary memory for photographs that have been taken but not yet saved on the memory card). To change limited settings (such as aperture), it has to be done using a computer/laptop with the Canon EOS software and this isn't practical with hiking or travelling long distances.

Grant proposal

I would like to apply for the large equipment support once again to replace (though the 60D will be used, along side the new camera) the camera and possibly the lenses (depending on cost, as I would like to get a 70D). There is also the possibility in going full frame by going down the 5D route (60D, 70D and 80D are crop sensor) depending on the cost of the body and the lenses (as crop sensor lenses do not work with full frame cameras).

The new camera would allow me to continue with my photography work on Wikimedia Commons

Proposed spend

While it may make better sense to go for the 5D, cost limitations (even with $1000 support grant) is off putting but will not rule it out yet (this would most likely be the case if the 70D becomes unavailable, being a discontinued model and the 80D being just as expensive as the 5D), however I would most likely go for the 70D.

Canon 70D

  • (RRP) $999.95 (with 18-55 mm EF-S lens)
  • Cheaper than the newer model 80D and full framed Canons
  • Both crop and full frame lenses can be used
  • Same functions as the 60D (e.g. swivel back screen, video recording), with some slight improvements
  • Cropped sensor, requires lower mm lens or further distance to fit the subject
  • Returned stock but still has two year Canon warranty
  • Comes with newer 18-55mm EF-S lens
  • Limited stock
  • Touch back screen

Canon 5D Mk III

  • (RRP) $3,799.95 (with 24-105mm lens)
  • Able to fit subjects better
  • Same as the 60D (with some features missing)
  • HD recording
  • Costly, even when second hand
  • Purchase of costly (new or second hand) full framed lenses (under 24mm and over 105mm), as cropped sensor lenses can't be used
  • No swivel back screen

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