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Draft reporting for activities related to Coordination of projects in WA universities,


  • SRCWA 21 Jan --attendees, Martin(SRCWA) Tom(WCW), and Gn. 22nd March to hold an event where participants come in to the SRCWA office connect to the commons app, followed by a walk in Leederville taking photos and uploading via the app. While SRCWA was keen to host the event there was insufficient skilled support available to run the event therefore the event has been postponed.
  • Curtin 21 Jan -- good productive talks took place, include potential to expand to activities in Murdoch as well. Discussions with WMID who have experience in language project development is being undertaken with Noongarpedia project.

SRCWA project planned for March 22, took two hits one local wikipedian support issues and then a lock down that meant we had to abandon the project

lock downs in March and April impacted activity facilitation.

Presentation at UWA just prior to the april lock down initiated a plan for ongoing workshops, Universities had additional restrictions put in place that hindered in person activity on site

Naidoc week activity planned at Curtin

ESEAP and Wikimania planning work is consuming additional time though the laptop has made this easier

HEWA owners requested a delay just after the march lockdown period.

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