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==== Welcome! ====
I'm '''JamesR''' from Brisbane, Australia.
My name is James and I'm an active participant for Wikimedia Australia in the [[wikipedia:Brisbane|''Brisbane, Australia'']] area.
I also do some of the administrative tasks around this wiki ''(officialwiki)'' such as transferring and updating information from [[meta:Main Page|meta]], etc.
* '''[[wikipedia:User:JamesR|English Wikipedia]]''' (sysop)
* '''[[meta:User:JamesR|Meta-Wiki]]'''
* '''[[foundation:User:JamesR|Wikimedia Foundation]]'''
I am known as User:E across most [[wikimedia:Main Page|Wikimedia Foundation]] wikis, including [[wikipedia:User:E|en.wikipedia.org]] (admin), [[meta:User:E|meta.wikimedia.org]] and [[wikimedia:User:E|wikimediafoundation.org]]. My other wikis can be found on my [[wikipedia:User:E/Interwiki|interwiki list]].
'''Email me:''' {{nospam|e.wikimedia|gmail.com}}
==== Contact ====
You can contact me by email: [[Special:Emailuser/E|Wiki-email]] or [mailto:e.wikipedia(at)gmail.com e.wikipedia at gmail.com]

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I'm JamesR from Brisbane, Australia.

Email me: e.wikimedia-at-gmail.com