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<div align="center">
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Hello! My name is '''James R.''' and I am an [[w:en:Wikipedia:Administrators|English Wikipedia administrator]], [[m:IRC/wikipedia/Operators|Wikimedia IRC operator]] and official member of [[m:Wikimedia Australia|Wikimedia Australia]].
| [[File:Wikimedia Community Logo-Toolserver.svg|140px|center]]
| <div style="padding:3em 1em 1em 1em;margin-bottom:1em;">
You may contact me via email at '''e.wikimedia[[Image:nospam.png|12px]]gmail.com'''.
<div style="font-size:2em">'''Hello, I'm JamesR.'''</div>
<div style="margin-top:1em;font-size:1.2em">I've been a [[w:Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]] since October 2006 and an [[w:Wikipedia:Administrators|English Wikipedia administrator]] since December 2007. I'm an [[w:Wikipedia:IRC|Wikimedia IRC]] channel operator and a member of [[meta:Wikimedia Australia|Wikimedia Australia]].<br />Thanks to [[meta:Help:Unified login|unified login]], I'm also ''User:JamesR'' on [[meta:Special:SiteMatrix|all other public Wikimedia Foundation projects]], including [[w:User:JamesR|English Wikipedia]][[meta:User:JamesR|Meta Wiki]] and [[foundation:User:JamesR|Wikimedia Foundation]].<br />My interwiki matrix is available on [[meta:User:JamesR/matrix|meta]].</div>
I am known as <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:JamesR'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki>, <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:E'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki> or <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:Zodiac'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki> across many Wikimedia Foundation projects.<br />If you are unsure of an account, please check my [[m:User:JamesR/matrix|interwiki matrix]] or contact me for verification.
<div style="margin-top:1em;font-size:1.2em">You can contact me on my [[User talk:JamesR|talk page]], by email at e.wikimedia[[Image:At_sign.svg|15px|- at -]]gmail.com, on [[w:Wikipedia:IRC|IRC]] as <tt>theoneandonly</tt> or on [[w:Skype|Skype]] as <tt>e.wikimedia</tt>.</div></div>

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Wikimedia Community Logo-Toolserver.svg
Hello, I'm JamesR.
I've been a Wikipedian since October 2006 and an English Wikipedia administrator since December 2007. I'm an Wikimedia IRC channel operator and a member of Wikimedia Australia.
Thanks to unified login, I'm also User:JamesR on all other public Wikimedia Foundation projects, including English Wikipedia, Meta Wiki and Wikimedia Foundation.
My interwiki matrix is available on meta.
You can contact me on my talk page, by email at e.wikimedia- at -gmail.com, on IRC as theoneandonly or on Skype as e.wikimedia.