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Wikimedia Australia and Schools

Wikimedia Australia is interested in liaising with schools to share a variety of information including;

  • What is Wikipedia - An introduction to the priniciples and mechanics involved in Wikipedia work, and wikis in general.
  • Best Practice for students - ways to encourage valuable interactions with wikis, including applications within teaching and learning.
  • Guidance and support for educators - specific ideas and support for existing projects - we're all ears!

Volunteers interested in working in this area

  1. Privatemusings 01:19, 1 December 2009 (UTC)


  1. Make rough timetable + discuss goals
  2. Create an outreach pack to share with schools - see /Info Pack for a sketchpad / work area.
  3. Engage with more volunteers (!) interested in facilitating WMAU and Schools interaction
  4. Identify some schools / stakeholders and make contact

I'm going to focus on 1 and 4 above, and hope that 2 and 3 will follow. Material for 2) may emerge from the WMF Outreach Wiki in due course also. Organic growth from a bit of initial energy could help 4) also.

Make rough timetable + discuss goals

I'd like to create two Welcome to Wikimedia seminars / talks which offer an introduction to Wikimedia projects in a concise 'double period' format (Guideline being approx 90mins). One to be aimed at secondary school children, and one to be aimed at secondary school staff. Ideally the presentations will be created collaboratively here on this wiki. There are no barriers to beginning such work immediately.

Rough Timetable

School term 2 begins in mid April, the aim will be to complete presentations by this time, and organise a 'beta' programme (perhaps 2 --> 5 schools?) throughout the term. 3 Presentations per school term, evolving with feedback and practice, is a good aim for Term 3 onwards.

The above seemed a long way off when I wrote it! - Term 2 is approaching at the rate of knots, and I have just one lead for a 'beta' programme - I'll follow up in the next fortnight, and try and write up a proposal. All the details will be posted here, so if they aren't forthcoming, I'm afraid nothing's happening ;-) Privatemusings 19:29, 17 March 2010 (EST)

New idea just came from a phone call - a 'mini conference' open to all in the education sectors (principals, teachers, parents etc.) - apply to WMAU, or through WMAU to WMF, for funds to secure small conference space, run three sessions in one day with WMAU speakers - possibly using bookshelf resources also. I'll think on it a bit more, and update... Privatemusings 11:32, 25 March 2010 (EST)

Identify some schools / stakeholders and make contact

Making contact can wait until the presentation is further developed, potential schools can be listed below;

See also

please feel free to add links below to other projects, news, or even related blogs :-)

  1. Wikimedia Foundation Bookshelf Project
  2. The Schools Wikipedia - a vetted selection of articles
  3. The Wikimedia Foundation 'Outreach Wiki' frontpage
  4. Best practices in giving a wikipedia presentation
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