WOW 2022 Worlds of Wikimedia Conference

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WOW 2022 Worlds of Wikimedia Conference

Diversity, Diaspora and Digitality: discover the Worlds of Wikimedia and Beyond at the University of Sydney
This conference seeks to investigate the variety of ways that digital media is (or isn’t) meeting the many global challenges we face. We invite participants to consider how communities that have been displaced, marginalised or otherwise disadvantaged, may best be served by online platforms and open knowledge movements. Conference will address topics such as open knowledge, global diversity, inclusivity and cultural dynamism from a range of perspectives, including digital communication, indigenous knowledge, health communication and Internet studies. Papers will explore knowledge activism, such as the Wikimedia movement; open platforms, such as Wikipedia; as well as digital methods across different disciplines and fields of knowledge.

Region: NSW
Location: Sydney University

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18 November 2022
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