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WikiCite 2017 held in Vienna, 23-25 May 2017

Report from Pru Mitchell

Before I applied to attend WikiCite 2017 I thought I had some idea about the WikiCite concept. Then I saw the list of skills / people of interest on the application form for attending, and it hit me how big a picture would be needed to achieve this vision.

The idea that many organisations and people hold a little piece of the WikiCite jigsaw puzzle was only strengthened at the event in Vienna. As well as being rather star struck to be sitting at the table with major organisations such as OCLC, Internet Archive, Crossref and the wonderful Wkidata community, I realised this was no simple project.

Being at WikiCite 2017 in person was a fantastic experience. providing many connections to my professional life as a librarian, educator and researcher - plus an opportunity to engage in person as a member of the Australian chapter. Obviously ensuring Australasian scholarly and trade publishing is included in the Wikicite equation is a priority for WM-AU. Shifting what seems to be an initial science focus to encompass humanities and social sciences is also an exciting challenge.

I committed to spread the WikiCite word in the Australian community - among the library, scholarly publications and wiki crew. It feels like there are many connections to make here, and some groundwork to do to find the local Zotero people, the DOI, data and bibliographic gurus. The experience with ORCID shows that in Australia when key people are convinced to adopt then things can move quickly at a policy level.

What I learned

  • Existing partnerships are awesome
  • I knew about OCLC developments, but yay - Zotero and great work of translators, and more yay - Internet Archive
  • So much that I didn't know I didn't know
  • Structured data for citations across wiki projects would be a very good thing
  • It is complex
  • It will require a number of different players
  • There are some great people and projects already working in this space

What is needed

  • Awareness and sensitivity of different community policies and practices within and without
  • Data models
  • Documentation
  • Outreach - telling people what this is all about, easy elevator pitches
  • Education - how to do this
  • Agreement on who is doing what action BEFORE we leave

What I dream of

  • Establishing a Wikipedia referencing workflow that suits the 21st century and beyond

What is important for Wikimedia Australia

  • Outreach
  • Ensuring Australasian scholarly and trade publishing is part of the WikiCite story