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:''See also the main [[events]] listing.''
:''See also the main [[events]] listing.''
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WikiClubWest is the Western Australian branch of Wikimedia Australia. For most information, see our page on Meta Wiki.

Upcoming events in WA

See also the main events listing.
  • (WA) 2020 November 5, Thursday 5:00PMWikiClubWest at Riff (18) — Riff, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth
    A casual gathering to talk about and work on Wikimedia sites (including Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons). Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to have any experience; we’ll help you. There is huge scope for a wide range of interests: researchers, photographers, historians, illustrators, data analysts, coders, writers, and anyone else interested in the universe of free knowledge. Bring a laptop. There’s good wifi, and free tea and coffee available.



The BiblioTECH

The BiblioTech collaboration is a partnership between the WikiClubWest - otherwise known as the Western Australian Branch of Wikimedia Australia and the State Library of Western Australia.

Where: BiblioTECH room - Level 1, State Library of Western Australia, .
Dates: 6 June 2017 to 18 August 2017
Times: from 10:00am at least 2:00pm Monday to Friday.


The collaboration will create a public access point where individuals and organisations can get support in contributing to Wikimedia projects and developing new collaborative projects.

In addition to there will regular discussions one evening a week about the projects from practical opportunities to more strategic future of the project beyond 2020.

Ongoing activities

Strategy corner
  • Noongarpedia content
  • Noongar translation of WMF messages in preparation for nys.wikipedia.org
  • WikiLoves Earth judging
  • WMF Strategy Survey cycle 2 and cycle 3 discussions and talks
  • QRpedia / WikiTown mobile app creation
  • Toodyaypedia stage 3
  • Western Australian Branch of WMAU meetups and talks


For more information contact

…or better yet, drop in to chat with us at Riff in the city (fortnightly on Thursday evenings; see events for more details)!

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