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WikiClub NT went to Tennant Creek (pop. 3000) in December 2018 for a Wikipedia Workshop at the Barkly Regional Council Library.

Before & after WikiShootMe Tennant Creek Wikiclub NT

Wikiclub NT meets to create and update Wikipedia pages about NT people, places and histories. Coordinator Caddie Brain reports that before the workshop there were only 20 images of Tennant Creek on Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons.

Using the new Wikidata tool WikiShootme, it is possible to see where there were known areas of interest but no images in Wikidata - a map full of red dots.

By adding relevant images with coordinates the map turned from red to green.

Five new articles were created by Wikiclub NT as part of the Tennant Creek workshop, in addition to the 35 new images uploaded.

Details of the new content coming from this workshop.

Lesson learned: Showing the conversion of the red dots on the WikiShootMe map to green dots as a result of the workshop was rewarding for participants, and made for a good visual to use on social media.