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Welcome to the website of<br />
<div style="color: #008000; font-size: 350%; line-height: 30px;">'''Wikimedia Australia'''</div>
''"Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness."''<br>
—[[wikisource:s:George Washington's First State of the Union Address|George Washington]], 8 January 1790
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Wikimedia Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, whose primary aim is to promote equality of opportunity to access and participate in the collaborative creation of Free Cultural Works, especially educational works, and works about Australia, its culture, natural environment, and Australian news and media.</div>
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===General information===
'''Wikimedia Australia, Inc.''' is ...
{becoming a member, benefits, briefly etc.}
===Australia on Wikimedia projects===
* [[wikipedia:Portal:Australia|Wikipedia]], the free encyclopedia
* [[wikisource:s:Wikisource:Australia|Wikisource]], the free library
* [[wikinews:Portal:Australia|Wikinews]], the free news source
* [[wikiquote:Australia|Wikiquote]], the free compendium of quotations
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===Latest news===

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