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<h2 style="font-family:'Verdana', sans-serif; border-bottom:0;">'''Upcoming Events'''</h2>
<h2 style="font-family:'Verdana', sans-serif; border-bottom:0;">'''Upcoming Events'''</h2>

{{:Upcoming events}}<small>
{{:Upcoming events}}
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[[Past events|&laquo; See past events]]
{{!}} class="nowrap" style="text-align:left;" {{!}} '''[[Past events|&laquo; See past events]]'''
{{!}} class="nowrap" style="text-align:right;" {{!}} '''[[Future events|See future events &raquo;]]'''

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Upcoming Events

All Wikimedia Australia events are covered by the Safe Space Policy.

See the full calendar here. For more information about subscribing to our calendar, see the events help page.

You can create a new event or explore past events here.

Annual campaigns

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