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{{event list}}
{{event list}}

[[Events|See more events]].
[[Events|See more events]]

See also the full [[calendar]], and list of [[past events]].
See also the full [[calendar]], and list of [[past events]].

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Wikimedia Australia is the Australian chapter of the international Wikimedia Foundation. We support people and organisations to contribute to Wikipedia, Wikidata and other Wikimedia platforms through events, training and partnerships.
Paralympics Wikipedia edit-a-thon The City of Sydney Library is hosting an edit-a-thon to increase and improve content relevant to our diverse communities. Join us online Saturday, 25 September. Read more
Wiki Loves Earth winners announced for 2021 The Wiki Loves Earth photo competition is documenting our natural world. See the winning photos now!

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Upcoming Events:

See more events

See also the full calendar, and list of past events.