Wikis in government

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A number of Australian government departments at all levels (federal, state, local) use wikis for publicly accessible websites. Undoubtedly many more are used internally.


National Library



There are also Moodle wikis:

And some pages about wikis:


Public Records Office Victoria

PROVWiki is a pilot initiative of Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). Its primary aim is to offer you the opportunity to contribute your knowledge of, and research into, the collections held by PROV in order to enrich the information we can make available to the community. You can either add to existing information on this site about a particular subject or you can create your own subject stream.

Eastern Regional Libraries

What is Web Links Wiki?

  • authoritative links on popular subjects
  • a website you can edit
  • tutorials to assist in using library resources

Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation

Moreland City Council


Queensland Public Libraries

  • ? (MediaWiki)


State Library of NSW

  • ? (MediaWiki)
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