2018 Annual Plan

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S.W.O.T. Analysis


  • Well distributed community
  • active community
  • National coverage, local focus


  • physical distances between places
  • insufficient resourcing to service opportunities


  • good relationships with GLAMS
  • GLAMs communicate on national and regional levels
  • WMAU activities are being shared positively -- WikiClubs, WikiTowns


  • under-resourced
  • distances
  • community distribution inequity in skillsets


Wikimedia Australia supports the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Foundation

  • Knowledge as a service, and
  • Knowledge equity

We will undertake outreach activities, develop resources and build systems that empower and engage people to collect, develop, share and promote Free Cultural Works relevant to Australia and our region. Our specific objectives for 2018 are:

  • 1. Community support
  • 2. Outreach and engagement
  • 3. Chapter governance and administration

See also our Statement of Purpose


1. Community support

  • 1.1 WikiClubs

WikiClubs are based in and have a supportive positive relationship with their local State Libraries, there are four WikiClubs that will meet regularly in Australia during 2018. Each Wikiclub has a level of independence from the chapter with WMAU provisioning them to undertake small activities like regular meet ups, workshops and editathons that bring the contributors for the local area into collaborate. Like user groups the WikiClubs dont need the legal and financial structures which are provided under the umbrella of WMAU.

  • 1.2 Volunteer support

The Volunteer Support Programme is an initiative that supports Australian contributors to the projects to obtain resources or share their knowledge about the projects and WMAU. While most the VSP activities are adhoc there some current on going VSP eligible activities

  • 1.3 Noongarpedia

Further develop noongar wikipedia and support it moving from the incubator space to nys.wikipedia.org

  • 1.4 2019 Wikimania bid for Perth

  • 1.5 Camera and equipment support

The Camera Equipment Program was start to help photographers maintain and improve their equipment, this was chosen over an equipment lending program which would be unable to support the needs of individuals due logistics and costs. Currently there is one application before the committee which has been sent out for an independent review of the application, all applicants are required to be in good standing as well as have a demonstrated contribution history of photographs available for or in use in the projects.

  • 1.6 Support for attendees at Wikimania 2018

The Australian communities suffers from its isolation from the wider movement, previously the ability to develop and maintain community connections relied on the same few suspects. Over the last couple of years WMAU has taken the approach that we should be enabling wider community involvement in International activities. As part of this we aim to fund two community members to share our experiences and gain further knowledge of the WMF community along with one committee person to maintain the the relationships WMAU has with WMF and other Affiliates and to gain additional experiences. Support 3 attendees

  • 1.7 Regional events

Australia has wide and diverse population with unique regional identities the aim of regional events is to engage locals with the community, to foster the development of GLAM projects in additional areas. The goal is to sponsor a successful meetup focussed on community engagement in each capital city during 2018.

2. Outreach and engagement

  • 2.1 WikiTowns
    • Toodyay - expand the number of articles and increase the number of QR codes within the area
    • Fremantle - re-engage community following the loss of a partner, expand content on Fremantle
    • create the foundations for a new WikiTown (Esperance)
    • establish permanent QR codes using Wikidata, and create a new Wikitown QR reader that expands across more Wikimedia projects
  • 2.2 Content competitions

Competitions generate new Australian content on a particular theme from a broad range of contributors, many of whom are new to Wikimedia. The competitions raise awareness of open licences in the broader Australian community and provide Wikimedia with media opportunities. High quality images, datasets, and textual content can be promoted locally and globally, and there is an opportunity for email conversations with winning contributors.

  • 2.2.1 WikiSource competition

In the month before the Wikisource conference (date t.b.d.) a proofreading competition will be run. Focusing on a predefined set of Australian source materials, it will aim to get 1000 pages proofread across 10 works. All metadata will also be added to Wikidata.

  • 2.2.2 Wiki Loves Monuments

During the month of Wiki Loves Monuments, 1,000 images will be uploaded and 100 in use on Wikimedia pages. 10 new members will be brought in through this contest who will continue contributing 3 months after creating a new account.

  • 2.2.3 Wiki Loves Science

Attempts will be made to increase participation in WikiLoves Science, which attracted around 90 entries in 2017, involving publicity for the 2017 winners, clarification of guidelines and perhaps targetting of scientific organisations in the GLAM sector to invite entries.

  • 2.2.4 Wiki Loves Earth

During the month of Wiki Loves Earth, 1,000 images will be uploaded and 100 in use on Wikimedia pages. 10 new members will be brought in through this contest who will continue contributing 3 months after creating a new account.

  • 2.3 Engagement with GLAMs
  • 2.3.1 GLAM Peak workshops

Wikimedia Australia will participate as a technology partner for the GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections workshops during 2018. This free two-day workshop focusses on digitisation and the provision of digital access to collections in small to medium GLAM organisations around Australia.

During the ten GLAM Peak workshops Wikimedia Australia will engage with 300 staff and volunteers from Australian GLAM organisations. 10 new members will join, 20 participants will create accounts and contribute a photo, reference or fact about their local area. Lists and content about regional Australian GLAMs will be updated.

  • 2.3.2 Wikimedia Australia invited speaker at Australian GLAM conference [Pru]
  • 2.3.3 Wikimedia Australia invited speaker Indigenous Conference [Pru / Gideon]