Mailing lists

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There are several mailing lists that are of interest to Wikimedia Australia members and supporters:

  1. Wikimedia-AU-Announce (latest posts) General mailing list for updates about Wikimedia Australia. Public archives.
  1. Wikimedia-AU-Members (latest posts) For current Wikimedia Australia members only. A list where specific proposals, or member-related decisions can be discussed. Archives are only visible to list members.

Other lists (not in general use)

  1. wikimediaau-l (latest posts) public list used for announcements and general discussion about anything relating to Wikimedia movement and Australia (not specifically a WMAU list). Members and non-members are welcome. Public archives.
  1. wikimedia-nys (latest posts) public list for discussion about Noongarpedia. Public archives.

There is also a Committee mailing list, hosted on Google along with the chapter's email accounts, for current Committee members only. No archives.

Social Media

Wikimedia Australia is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Like, follow, and subscribe to keep up to date on local events and news.

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