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User: I was part of the group that established WMAU, stood for VP at the first elections.

While not always a member I have continued to support WMAU/Wikiprojects work, some the activities I been associated with;

committee observor 2009
Strategic planning Committee 2010
2 workshops in regional WA one I assisted with the other I ran, WMAU funded only one workshop
Organised Wikitakes Perth Foreshore,
regional photo trek and meet the locals in Bunbury/Busselton region, funded by WMAU.
6PR radio interview for Wiki 10
ABC regional radio interview promoting WM, WMAU
Attended Canberra GLAM, Photographed the event.
Attended Wikitakes Fremantle II, to date the sole contributor from the day
Attended Wikitakes Joondalup

Wiki meetups I've organised 7 of the 8 Perth meetups, attended all of them


I'd like to thank the people who nominated me as well as the other people who offered to put forth nominations. As a wikimedian I've spent a considerable amount of time promoting WMAU and Wikipedia some of which is listed above. I've experienced first hand the processes of applying for funding, as well the frustrations that can come with dealing with that. I made it known to a number of people that I believed that there are problems and that being critical of those problems isnt always enough. I'm standing because I believe that the committee needs to improve the way it works, the way it makes decisions and especially the way its communicates.

The incoming committee will need to improve WMAU relationship with The Foundation, WMAU members should expect higher standards of WMAU when being assessed for funding. Additionally WMAU should not be beholden to The FDC for every thing it does, WMAU should be independent(requirement of incorporation) it should be able to decide the who, how, and when of projects. To that end WMAU needs to work on developing financial sources from other areas.

Did you know

.... that last year 2011, over 43,00 people from Australia donated in last years Foundation fundraising[1] A$1,056,337(4th highest amount collected) had been raised through those donations none of which was returned to support Australian projects. In 2010[2] $343,000 was raised of which $182,000 was given to WMAU. In 2009 $148,000 (7th highest) was raise with WMAU recieving individual grants from the foundation some of which were returned unused.

For the record

On 27th August I applied under Proposal:Camera equipment program for assistance, reciept of the application was recieved on the same day. Further information was requested and addressed in September. As of 14th November that application has not been mentioned in any of the published minutes of committee meetings. If elected I would still ask to committee to consider the application, though I'd remove myself from participating in any vote or discussion on the matter.

Update at the same time as posting this John has posted the minutes from the September meeting, which inculded mention of the request. checking emails I advised the committee I had done what was ask on the 1st October.
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