Meeting: Committee (2009 October 20)

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''Ultimately fundraising did not proceed in 2009.''
''Ultimately fundraising did not proceed in 2009.''

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[[Category:2009 Committee]]
[[Category:2009 Committee]]

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These minutes are incomplete but are provided for general information

Minutes of Committee Meeting 2009-10-20.

Opening: Meeting opened at 1900 AEDST

Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Brian, John, Liam, Sarah (minutes)

Apologies: Nil

Absent: Nathan Carter, Andrew, Gideon

7pm, #wmau-comm

Discussion of Fundraiser 2009.

The committee met to discuss the Wikimedia Foundations' fundraising campaign and concerns that the committee has been discussing on the committee mailing list in recent weeks.

Several concerns were discussed regarding the structure of the fundraiser. There may be issues with CAV, but Brian feels CAV will accept the chapter passing 50% of the funds back to the WMF as long as we are very transparent and explicit in telling the donors that we are only a conduit for 50% of their donation. Brian is also very concerned that we are unprepared for a fundraiser of this level, that we lack any financial and spending plans for the money and still have a low membership.

Brian again advised the committee not to participate in this year's fundraiser and that we instead begin preparing for next year. He said he will support the majority view and perform the job he was elected to do, but was not able to support participating in this year's fundraiser.

Brianna and Sarah said they won't support joining the fundraiser without Brian's support.

Liam and John feel we should proceed. Liam does not want to proceed without Brian's support, but feels we would be making a mistake if we do not participate.

Brianna reported that Rand Montoya (Wikimedia Foundation's Head of Community Giving) has said there is no final date to join the fundraiser so we can join it at a later if we want to do so.

The committee decided that Brian would contact PILCH (Public Interest Law Clearing House, a non-profit legal referral service based in Melbourne) and try to get a referral for legal advice. Liam, who had a meeting scheduled with the WMF's finance officer, said he would also try to get some advice. The committee adjourned to continue discussing on the mailing list and the committee's wiki.

Ultimately fundraising did not proceed in 2009.

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