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WMAu Committee Meeting was conducted on #wmau-comm, held on 2011-04-20 and commenced at 21:00 (AEST).

Attendance, apologies , absence, previous minutes

  • Attendance: John (chair), Craig, Anne (Minutes), Charles, Adam, Andrew, Brian (observing).
  • Apologies: None
  • Absences: None

Business Arising

Signatory for WMAU's Bendigo Bank account

Discussion on the need to change the signing arrangements of Bendigo Bank cheques.

Motion: That Anne Frazer replace Sarah Ewart as signatory for Wikimedia Australia's Bendigo Bank account.

Moved: John
Seconded: Andrew
Motion carried without dissent [IRC Log 21:10:35]

WMF Grant Request

Discussion on the Bendigo Bank mechanism best suited to transfer funds to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Motion: That the committee authorise Craig to contact the Bendigo Bank to set up a Telegraphic Transfer service with an initial transfer limit of $5,000 extending to $200,000 to allow payment of the fundraiser grant to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Moved: Craig
Seconded: John
Motion carried without dissent [IRC log 21:28:12]

WMF Fundraising Agreement 2011, and 2011 Fundraising Summit and delegate

The fundraiser scheduled for November 2011 to January 2012 received support contingent upon employing administrative support for the term of the fundraiser. Attention will be paid to the donor privacy policy, covering security and confidentiality requirements. The committee came to an in-principle agreement to resource the data entry and to work through the implementation process.

That we plan to proceed with the fundraiser and agree in principle to look at the possibility of employing someone for the administration work and that further investigation be carried out and a plan presented at a future meeting.

Motion: That Wikimedia Australia inform WMF that we intend to participate in this year's fundraiser.

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Andrew
Motion: carried without dissent [IRC Log 21:48:33]

Motion: That the committee will investigate options for hiring a staff member to assist with the fundraiser with information to be brought back to the committee before 15 May.

Moved: Craig
Seconded: John
Motion: carried without dissent [IRC Log 21:50:38]

2011 Fundraising Summit and Delegate. The fundraising summit will be held in Vienna, Austria on 16-19 June 2011. There is a place for two delegates from Australia. Several committee members expressed an interest in attending this important meeting and will make inquiries on their availability.

Stationary and Conference Material

On the need to coordinate WMAu files and documents.

Reimbursements for Berlin

Travel reimbursement to Andrew of $171.00 ($47 travel insurance, $124 accommodation). Directing that receipts be forwarded to Craig, in the form of copies or scanned documents.

Motion: That we reimburse Andrew Owens $171 for expenses incurred in Berlin, subject to receipts being provided to the Treasurer.

Moved: Craig
Seconded: Charles
Abstain: Andrew

Motion: carried without dissent [IRC Log 22:23:10]

General Business

Rule Amendments

The approved wording from the Special General Meeting on the motion to amend WMau Rules of Association be sent to Brian for lodging with Consusmer Affairs Victoria (CAV).

In order to streamline payment of routine and uncontroversial expenses such as CAV fees, the Treasurer will organise a petty cash resolution for the next committee meeting.

Donation of photos - Fukui Earthquake 1948

Adam advised the meeting that he has received a donation of photos of the Japanese theatre, and that the first scan is available as:


WMAu Newsletter

The first WMAu Newsletter was acclaimed a success by the committee, and Adam was thanked for his role in its production. The feedback from members has been very positive.

Banners and Stall Equipment

Quotes to be obtained for multiple conference kits to avoid shipping single kits around Australia. Adam and Andrew to bring prices back to the committee.

Meeting Closed

Meeting closed at 22:30 hours (AEST)

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