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[17:02] * Now talking in #wikimedia-au
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[17:03] <Graham87> hi Anne
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[17:04] <frazerwa> hi Graham
[17:04] <sDrewth> probably russavia
[17:05] <sDrewth> done the bins, checked the flooding, come back inside
[17:06] <Graham87> the flooding?
[17:06] <sDrewth> I use the flooding lightly, just lots of water flowing through the low parts of the block
[17:06] <Graham87> ah not so bad then
[17:07] <sDrewth> nah, we live at altitude, so if we flood Werribee and Geelong are doomed
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[17:07] <sDrewth> there has been a lot of rain though
[17:08] <Graham87> Hi Brian
[17:08] <brian__> Hi folks. I just had to reinstall chatzilla on a new machine and it is not using my usual nick. Never mind.
[17:09] <foks> Oh, yes, today's July 1!
[17:09] <foks> Woopsie.
[17:09] <sDrewth> need to do your tax return?
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[17:10] <foks> ...yes. bollocjs.
[17:10] <foks> *ks
[17:11] <jayvdb> I've started our GLAM report
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[17:14] <foks> Hello Chris!
[17:14] <jayvdb> wb Chris
[17:14] <Graham87> hi Chris
[17:16] <Graham87> previous edit to GLAM report was me, forgot to log on
[17:16] <jayvdb> as some of you may know, I am over in Indonesia atm.  the main project I am working on is a Wikisource project with Wikimedia Indonesia.  They are running a competition to transcribe
[17:17] <jayvdb> winner gets a trip to Jakarta to the screening of Truth in Numbers.
[17:17] <jayvdb> prize capped at ~$USD 200
[17:18] <jayvdb> resulting activity can be seen at
[17:20] <jayvdb> it would be good if we ran a similar competition to transcribe something like
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[17:21] <Addi|HIMYM> Oh, hello all :-)
[17:24] <foks> jayvdb, sounds like a good idea!
[17:25] <sDrewth> <- can think of better things to be doing in Indonesia than transcriptions
[17:25] <sDrewth> <sowwy>
[17:27] <jayvdb> I can think of better places in Indonesia to be than Jakarta
[17:27] <Graham87> what are your impressions of the place? Wikitravel says it's more than a little chaotic, for a start
[17:28] <sDrewth> fair call, I know no better either way
[17:29] <jayvdb> Graham87: is certainly is that
[17:29] <jayvdb>
[17:30] <jayvdb> and I spend way more time in taxis than I want
[17:30] <jayvdb> I suspect that this is why they use mobile technology so much - they are stuck in traffic
[17:31] <frazerwa> the compilation of the dictionary looks very interesting
[17:31] <Graham87> @jayvbd: oh gawd, I thought Rome was bad ...
[17:31] <jayvdb> sDrewth: are there any other Australian language dictionaries on Wikisource ?
[17:33] <sDrewth> none of which I am aware, though I cannot say that I have explored that space
[17:33] <sDrewth> 	File:A Descriptive Vocabulary of the Language in Common Use Amongst the Aborigines of Western Australia.djvu
[17:33] <jayvdb> lists a few about Indigenous Australians, but no dictionaries
[17:33] <sDrewth> exists at Commons
[17:34] <jayvdb> a Dictionaries portal would be good
[17:34] <jayvdb> there is a
[17:36] <sDrewth> that last File seems to be part of one "Diary of ten years eventful life of an early settler in Western Australia" anyway
[17:36] <jayvdb> oh, I started
[17:37] <sDrewth> I haven't done an indepth view
[17:40] <jayvdb> does anyone have questions or ideas they want to discuss?
[17:42] <brian__> The finacial year is now over. When will be the AGM?
[17:46] <jayvdb> the ctte hasnt discussed dates
[17:47] <jayvdb> any suggestions?
[17:49] <brian__> If we do not have to make changes in the people responsible for fund-raising after the AGM, then October will do
[17:49] <brian__> otherwise September
[17:50] <brian__> It has to be done before end of November
[17:50] <brian__> However we need the audit of accounts for the AGM
[17:53] <jayvdb> ive added the 'before December' rule to
[17:54] <brian__> The rule is actually "within five months of the end of the financial year" but "before December" will do
[17:56] <frazerwa> within 5 months after the end of the Association's financial year; and also we have to lodge the annual stqatement within 1 months of holding the meeting
[17:56] <frazerwa> *statement*  *1 month*
[17:56] <jayvdb> All of our fundraising representatives are able to stay on in those roles, baring an unexpected problem
[17:57] <jayvdb> I think aiming for September is a good idea.
[17:59] <frazerwa> we need to check if we can have our financial statements in time for the AGM so we might also have to look at October
[18:00] <jayvdb> nod
[18:00] <frazerwa> we have various other aspects to put in place also that are important 
[18:02] <jayvdb> such as?
[18:02] <Chriswaterguy> Heh - didn't notice the activity here - I'll need to actually set an alarm next time :-)
[18:03] <frazerwa> we need to clarify as per the 2011 Returning Officer's recommendations for voting;
[18:03] <jayvdb> would be good to write up more detailed minutes of the last AGM.
[18:03] <frazerwa> and we have discussed the possibility of Rule changes which need thorough discussion
[18:04] <frazerwa> jayvdb - yes
[18:04] <jayvdb> thanks for bringing up rule changes.  we do need to identify those early
[18:05] <frazerwa> they have been identified and captured as such; they have not been discussed on comm page yet but we are ready to do this thing
[18:05] <russavia> can someone tell me how to unsubscribe from ?
[18:05] <frazerwa> oh russavia, why?
[18:05] <jayvdb> russavia: email me and it will be done.
[18:05] <russavia> i'm quitting projects at end of july
[18:06] <russavia> tx john
[18:07] <Addi|HIMYM> russavia: :O really? :(
[18:08] <jayvdb> are there any rule changes the membership wants to have considered
[18:09] <Chriswaterguy> jayvdb: "winner gets a trip to Jakarta to the screening of Truth in Numbers" -> cue variation on an old joke: "runner-up gets a trip to Jakarta to the screening of Truth in Numbers - winner is allowed to stay at home."
[18:09] <frazerwa> we will of course seek membership consideration on the changes; first we need to get them in order and prepared
[18:09] <jayvdb> the prior public discussions about rule changes are at
[18:17] <jayvdb> was the 2011 Returning Officer's recommendations for voting published ?
[18:18] <brian__> Sorry, I had to step away and will now have to go out. I support what Anne says above
[18:19] <jayvdb> found it.
[18:20] <jayvdb> brian__: will you be the returning officer again, if the issues identified last time are addressed?
[18:21] <jayvdb> if any rule changes are necessary before the AGM, we will need to conduct an SGM first
[18:48] <jayvdb> in re last public meeting ..
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[18:49] <jayvdb> Peter-} did download the dumps of enwiki (and other wikis) and sent them to Melbourne
[18:50] <jayvdb> the tech guys in Melbourne had difficulty installing enwiki onto the cloud.  it is still not up and running
[18:51] <jayvdb> unless someone else is interesting in trying, the USB drive will be sent to Craig
[18:53] <brian__> I'm back. Yes, I will be Returning Officer if the committee wants me to be. I suggested an appointment this month
[18:54] <u99of9> bah, missed the whole meeting, sorry
[18:54] <u99of9> is the log up already?
[18:55] <u99of9> or are you still going?
[18:56] <jayvdb> still going
[18:57] <jayvdb> partial log at
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[19:03] <jayvdb_> regarding finances and the future, the Funds Dissemination Committee is still a work in progress, but it is expected to be up and running by the end of the year, and we'll be expected to submit an annual plan by then
[19:04] <jayvdb_> see for more info about that organisation
[19:04] * jayvdb_ is now known as jayvdb
[19:05] <jayvdb> are there any major items that members would like to see in our annual plan for next year?
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[19:07] <jayvdb> (or non-members ;-)
[19:08] <gnangarra> some townhall type events in each city where the committee attends
[19:11] <jayvdb> how much should be allocated to these events?
[19:16] <frazerwa> we need to id events and correspondingly identify the likely costs associated with the different types of events
[19:17] <brian__> I must leave again - dinner. I'll check the log later
[19:17] <jayvdb> should we be flying a few committee members, and/or groups of the national Wiki community, to attend these town hall meetings?
[19:18] <gnangarra> definately some committee, maybe someone from OS if they can do a couple in go 
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[19:23] <jayvdb> this could fit under the core stragegy item of
[19:23] <jayvdb> "promoting local events to allow Australian editors and volunteers to build local community networks"
[19:23] <gnangarra> treat the townhalls as a way to engage with smaller local glams,  editors and local media
[19:23] <jayvdb> nod
[19:26] <jayvdb> how many of them should be budget for?
[19:26] <jayvdb> e.g. how many should be hold in the Perth region?
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[19:27] <gnangarra> two, one perth, one regional over the same weekend
[19:27] <gnangarra> adelaid would be similar
[19:30] <gnangarra> you could also repeat if necessary later on, but getting people here is costly and time consuming so you'd want bang for bucks
[19:30] <jayvdb> two for most states & territories sounds ok, esp if one must be regional.  three for Syd and Melb?
[19:31] <russavia> l8rz all
[19:31] <jayvdb> IMO this sounds like a program we should also include NZ for, esp. if we are going to be bringing intl ppl
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[19:33] <gnangarra> yup nz sounds good, maybe a PNG as well in the longer term
[19:33] <jayvdb> if another member supports this proposal, we can put it up on the wiki and develop it there
[19:33] <frazerwa> and Timore Leste too
[19:34] <frazerwa> I am happy to support, but if someone else prefer to ok too
[19:34] <frazerwa> *prefers*
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[19:35] <jayvdb> (hi stuartyeates; we're in a meeting atm; log will be published)
[19:37] <jayvdb> ok Anne, we'll put you down as the seconder.  if someone else wants to take over that role, they can. ;-)  I'll start writing it up.
[19:37] <jayvdb> any other ideas?
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[19:41] <frazerwa> jayvdb thanks John very terrific
[19:41] <frazerwa> jayvdb have you notice a new application in your email inbox?
[19:42] <u99of9> what exactly do you mean by town hall meeting?  and why does it need internationals?
[19:42] <frazerwa> *noticed*
[19:42] <frazerwa> Graham go have a look-listen to your email inbox some nice news
[19:47] <gnangarra> a one day event, to intro WMau, etc  with smaller groups  so that local editors are able to engage and develope projects on managable scales
[19:50] <sDrewth> jayvdb: you should set up the framework for Sunda language work, and add some help to Index talk:.
[19:54] <sDrewth> otherwise you will be bo-ol
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[20:02] <jayvdb> gnangarra: how is this
[20:04] <jayvdb> sDrewth: we're doing in-person training here; many of the participants dont speak English real good
[20:05] <sDrewth> sure, I was thinking of things like adding {{RunningHeader}} to the instructions
[20:05] <gnangarra> I like the application process
[20:05] <sDrewth> use of the status, some are getting it wrong
[20:06] <gnangarra> would add accommodation and transport to costs
[20:07] <jayvdb> sDrewth: nod; expect a lot of wrong over the next few weeks ;-)
[20:08] <sDrewth> yep, and I am adding some messages to some.  I would think that adding some instructions to the Index talk: would be a good thing
[20:08] <jayvdb> nods
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[20:08] <sDrewth> also seeing some do the start quote up, and some do it down
[20:09] <sDrewth> so hints on which way is the preference for the work, even how to do low double quote
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[20:10] <sDrewth> Siska.Doviana  has been undoing proofread status, which is problematic as I have a choice to revert or to then proofread again twice
[20:11] <jayvdb> all of Bennylins pages should be reset back to 'not proofread', as they are full of errors
[20:12] <sDrewth> ah, but they have been proofread
[20:13] <sDrewth> or if they are proofreading for the second time, then they should be left as proofread rather than advanced
[20:15] <jayvdb> Siska isnt proofreading; she is checking whether the proofreading is being done correctly
[20:16] <frazerwa> the proposal is good; reads well and has great potential
[20:16] <jayvdb> ok, well 5pm has come and gone, so meeting is over, but feel free to throw more ideas around ;-)