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[15:04] == Lankiveil [6eaee02b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.[redacted]] has joined #wikimedia-au
[15:04] <Lankiveil> hello
[15:07] <Lankiveil> its awfully quiet
[15:07] <KR_> What would ppl like to see. In next yeas annual plan?
[15:11] <KR_> Ok, we'll go with the empty annual plan.
[15:11] <Lankiveil> giant mechanical ants?
[15:16] <KR_> I guess everyone is busy enjoying the new visual editor
[15:18] <Lankiveil> haha
[15:18] <Lankiveil> maybe it doesn't support IRC either
[15:21] <p858snake|l> Didn't we agree 8p aest for the meeting? or has it changed this time (which is why everyone is busy atm)
[15:22] <Lankiveil> that was supposed to be a one-off
[15:22] <Lankiveil> although, given attendance, we probably should consider a permanent move
[15:24] <p858snake|l> its what we did for a couple of meetings after it as well i believe
[15:25] <Lankiveil> well, I'll try to be here at 8pm to see if anyone else shows up
[15:26] <KR_> Bye bye
[15:26] == KR_ [65a95540@gateway/web/freenode/ip.[redacted]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:31] == Bduke [~chatzilla@CPE-[redacted]] has joined #wikimedia-au
[15:31] <Lankiveil> hi Brian
[15:32] <Bduke> Hi, sorry I'm late. What are we discussing?
[15:34] <Lankiveil> well, hardly anyone showed up so we're discussing moving the time of these meetings to the evening rather than the afternoon
[15:34] <Bduke> Early evening like 6.00 pm or later like 8.00 or 9.00?
[15:36] <Lankiveil> something like 8pm AEST
[15:36] <Lankiveil> when we did that a couple of months ago we had a good turnout
[15:37] <Bduke> I prefer earlier as after dinner we just carry on talking here
[15:38] <Lankiveil> aye
[15:39] <Lankiveil> I'll start a discussion on the mailing list to see what the most convenient time for everyone is
[15:39] <Lankiveil> I still reckon moving it around so that everyone gets a time that's good for them is the way to go
[15:43] <Bduke> Yes, I support that
[15:44] <p858snake|l> 8p aest works out to 6p aewst (wa) which is were most of the members seemed to be
[15:45] == p858snake|l [~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake] has quit [Quit: User has quit this network.]
[15:52] == jayvdb [~zeroj@wikimedia/Jayvdb] has joined #wikimedia-au
[15:54] <jayvdb> doh. have we changed the time of the public meeting again, and I missed it?
[15:57] <Bduke> Hi John, it is going very slow with few people here,
[16:00] <jayvdb> has anyone come and gone?
[16:06] <Bduke> I arrived late too, p858snake left just before you joined
[16:06] <Lankiveil> pretty much
[16:06] <Lankiveil> Kerry was here briefly
[16:07] == Steven_Zhang [~Steven_Zh@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang] has joined #wikimedia-au
[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> crappers
[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> it was for 3pm? :/
[16:07] * Steven_Zhang pokes Lankiveil
[16:07] <jayvdb> haha.  That was what I said when I arrived Steven
[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> lol
[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> it's always 4pm 9_9
[16:08] <Steven_Zhang> has there been much discussion>
[16:08] <Steven_Zhang> ?
[16:08] <jayvdb> ya, it was always 4pm, but then it was moved around a bit
[16:09] <Lankiveil> I've been saying 3pm for days now and nobody has put their hand up to object
[16:09] <Lankiveil> guess nobody reads my emails ;)
[16:09] <Steven_Zhang> i didn't notice the timing
[16:09] <Steven_Zhang> :P
[16:09] <Lankiveil> but I'm here and you're here, if anyone shows
[16:09] <Steven_Zhang> I saw the email
[16:09] <Steven_Zhang> wait so the meeting has been open for an hour and there has been no discussion?
[16:10] <jayvdb> ok, since we are here, the topics suggested were:
[16:10] <jayvdb>     Wikimedia Australia's charity status being approved
[16:10] <Lankiveil> we had a bit of a chat about having the meetings in the evening
[16:10] <jayvdb>     Upcoming annual plan and FDC applications
[16:10] <jayvdb>     Rule changes for the next AGM
[16:10] <jayvdb>     World War One editathon
[16:10] <jayvdb>     ...any other topic you'd like to discuss.
[16:10] <Lankiveil> also procurement subcommittee, which I somehow missed on that list
[16:11] <Steven_Zhang> oh yeah
[16:11] <jayvdb> Also, we need to finish the '2013 coolest projects' today
[16:11] * Steven_Zhang wonders why the meetins have dropped off
[16:12] <Lankiveil> did you see my email on this point?
[16:12] <Lankiveil> now that we've had our linkage grant given the big tick?
[16:13] <jayvdb> ya, we got a short mention at
[16:14] == Steven_Zhang_ [~Steven_Zh@wikimedia/Steven-Zhang] has joined #wikimedia-au
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang_> On mobile
[16:14] <jayvdb> that is 1027 characters, so we need to trim it a bit
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang_> Making chocolate truffles for food day at work
[16:14] <Steven_Zhang_> The ball was the size of my head
[16:15] <Lankiveil> ja
[16:15] <Lankiveil> okay, I'll use that
[16:21] <jayvdb> Is there a public page about the 2013 coolest projects thing?
[16:23] <Lankiveil>
[16:24] <Lankiveil> thats the only one I've found
[16:24] <Lankiveil> can you write something up for LangCamp?
[16:24] <Lankiveil> getting a new Wikipedia off of the ground is pretty rad
[16:26] <jayvdb> I dont like two of three having me as the contact person.
[16:27] <Lankiveil> what would you suggest as the third then?
[16:28] <jayvdb> Regional workshops or HE symposium are both good
[16:28] <Lankiveil> nod
[16:28] <Lankiveil> I'll do regional workshops
[16:33] <Steven_Zhang_> have we written reports about all these activities we have done?
[16:33] <Steven_Zhang_> If we haven't, then really there's not a whole lot of worth in then when we look at our FDC application
[16:36] <Lankiveil> there are reports, but they're scattered all over the place
[16:36] == p858snake|l [~p858snake@unaffiliated/p858snake] has joined #wikimedia-au
[16:36] <Steven_Zhang_> We know where they are though?
[16:37] <Steven_Zhang_> If we don't have them, we are essentially going to FDC and saying "we want money to do X because we did Y really well. Srs, I promise"
[16:37] <Lankiveil> heh
[16:38] <Lankiveil> yeah, we need to get better at putting together project reports
[16:38] <Lankiveil> I've got one for the regional workshops that I'm working on, but which is not ready today :-/
[16:39] <Steven_Zhang_> Fwiw, Ive been invited to a grant making meeting at Wikimania
[16:39] <Steven_Zhang_> But I think it's really simple, no reports, no FDC application
[16:39] <jayvdb> Lankiveil, if we create a page on wmau wiki for 'regional workshops', we and list all the reports there and expand to it over the next few days
[16:40] <Lankiveil> yeah, that would work.  We really need everything in one place.
[16:40] <Lankiveil> We also need to do evaluation to determine what's working and what is not
[16:42] <Steven_Zhang_> We would need something to measure them against
[16:42] <Steven_Zhang_> Measures of success. Do we actually have any for things like the regional training workshops?
[16:43] <Lankiveil> "people show up" :-)
[16:43] <Steven_Zhang_> I dare you to tell that to Katy :p
[16:43] == Bduke [redacted] has quit [*.net *.split]
[16:44] <Lankiveil> hey, our stats are better than the WMF's Phillippines experiment in that regard :-)
[16:44] <Steven_Zhang_> Attendance tells us little. 50 could show up but maybe 48 are only there for the tea and biscuits
[16:45] <Lankiveil> Kerry was going to do that survey
[16:45] <Steven_Zhang_> Looking at it as an outsider
[16:45] <Lankiveil> the problem is that it's been really hard to get trainers to actually measure that part
[16:45] <Lankiveil> take down the usernames and such
[16:48] <Lankiveil> but I get where you're coming from
[16:48] <Lankiveil> and agree
[16:50] <Lankiveil> and on that note, I have to get going
[16:50] <Lankiveil> thanks for the discussion
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