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Meeting_talk: 2012 AGM/Candidates/John Vandenberg

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Hi John

I've noticed that you have yet to post any statement given that its now 18:00 AEDT and elections open tomorrow I have some questions;

As a current member of the committee;

  1. Why would the proposed employee be based in Brisbane when the association is incorporate in Victoria given that we have legislative reporting requirements there?
  2. Why was there a need to develop a new COI policy when it was already incorporated into the new rules that were published in April and at a time when the FDC application appears like it should have taken a priority in committee work?
  3. Why was there delay with FDC application? How does the current board see this as impacting our ability to get funding and our relationship with the Foundation?
  4. Why did you not disclose your COI with the president of Indonesian chapter during the last years AGM vote on WMAU proceeding with the language conference? What steps did you take to ensure that WMAU was not being compromised by its involvement in a situation that has the appearance of a COI? Has WMAU funds been used that enable you and/or Siska to attend any events ?
  5. Do you believe that this years committee communicated in a fast and effective manner? What are some examples of the board not responding quickly and effectively this term and how will you address those if elected in the next term?
  6. What actions did you take address concerns raised about the inadequacies of last years AGM? What have been the problems so far in this election cycle and do you feel the board prepared adequately for these election?
  7. Why given the issues raised about communication for the AGM has the committee not made arrangements for each city to have a venue available for members to join the AGM more effectively?

Thanks Gideon Gnangarra 18:23, 15 November 2012 (EST)