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This wiki is for the organisers and the attendees of Wikimedia Australia Meetups to make some comments about your meetups.

Meetups of Wikimedia Australia are held across the length and breadth of the country at various locations and times throughout the year. Write about your Meetup here, that is, what interesting things you came up with, and also link from this wiki to other Meetups that took place and learn what they found interesting - all in the spirit of sharing knowledge to learn and grow in the Wikimedian movement and in particular Australian content.

For your interest, Wikipedia's article on Meetups explains that 'Regular (or more spontaneous) face-to-face meetings of Wikipedians take place in cities around the world.'[1]. Meetups are the fundamental mode of face to face gatherings in the Wikimedian movement and Wikimedia Australia have involved themselves in this tradition from its inception.

Where a meetup is held in the name of WMAU you are invited to write about it by sharing discussion here on the wiki by linking to the state and town where your meeting was held. Simply add your region or town if you don't see it after linking to the state or territory:

If you don't have time to write an article on your meetup, try nominating someone as the trainee journalist among you who can write it for you.

WMAU Meetups around the country

Meetups:Australian Capital Territory

Meetups:New South Wales

Meetups:Northern Territory


Meetups:South Australia



Meetups:Western Australia

Link to your state or territory and add your comments on your Meetup.