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Resolved that:

The committee approves $950 of GLAM-wiki bursaries as follows:

  • $250
  • $250
  • $200
  • $250
  • Support: Brianna, Brian, John, Liam, Nathan, Sarah
  • Abstain: Nil
  • Absent: Nil

26 July, 2009

Additional: Subsequent to the committee meeting, one bursary recipient had to pull out of the conference, so while in Canberra, attending committee members discussed the bursaries and redistributed the funds as follows:

  • $270,
  • $300,
  • $215,

This represents full reimbursement of travel expenses for applicants. There were four committee members in attendance (Brianna, Liam, Sarah and Brian) and thus quorum was met under the rules which defines four committee members as constituting a quorum.

Support: Brianna, Liam, Sarah and Brian
Abstain: Nil
Absent: John, Nathan

6 August, 2009

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