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== Articles Created ==
== Articles Created ==
* [ ANTI FADE Records]
* [ Anti Fade Records]
* [ The Australian Music Vault]
* [ The Australian Music Vault]
* [ Cable Ties]
* [ Cable Ties]
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* [ Spinifex Gum]
* [ Spinifex Gum]
* [ Treetops]
* [ Treetops]
* [ Robin Fox]
* [ Byron J Scullin]
* [ Aarght Records]
* [ Beat Magazine]
* [ Roza Terenzi]
* [ Music Street Press of Australia]

== Articles Improved ==
== Articles Improved ==

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Putting Australian music on the record – new Wikipedia projects aims to increase discoverability of Australian artists

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. Its content is often the first to appear in web searches, yet if you search for Beat magazine, National Indigenous Music Award nominee Stuart Joel Nuggett or composer Robin Fox, none of these currently have Wikipedia entries.

Wikimedia Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts have partnered on a new project The Record - Australian Music on Wikipedia which aims to increase the visibility of Australian content on Wikipedia and make it easier for global audiences to discover great Australian music.

Through four edit-a-thon events across Australia, The Record will grow the low number of Wikipedia articles about Australian musicians, organisations and publications. Volunteers will be invited to be trained to edit, expand, and create new articles related to a diverse range of Australian music and musicians.

Read the full media release.


  • The Record: Melbourne Music Week Edit-a-thon, Saturday 11 December 2021, 10am - 1pm, Collingwood Yards.
  • The Record: Australian Music Centre, Friday 18 February 2022, 10am - 1pm, Online, Registrations coming soon
  • Recording Country: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, Thursday 3 March 2022, 2pm - 5pm, Online, Registrations coming soon


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Articles Created

Articles Improved

The project Dashboard is available here.


Project Coordinator, James Gaunt:


Illustration: Rubii Red

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