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Know my name, Lawrence Wilson Gallery Perth

Know my Name the Perth event was held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery which part of the University of Western Australia on the 7th March 2020.

The plan for the event was for Ingrid to be the host but unforeseen circumstances meant she was unable to attend, Gnangarra stepped in to host the event. The space at the gallery was well prepared with access to UWA wifi provided beforehand, WikiClubWest and and WMAU members Jarrahtree, Evad, and Sam Wilson all assisted on the day ensuring that every user was able to access Wikipedia, note thanks to the efforts of Sam the dashboard has recorded the statistics from the event. Thank you to Caddie for organising and co-ordinating the Know my Name events, as well as the catering for the WA event.

On the morning of the event Caddie spoke to ABC Perth about the day, its aim, and activities this was heard by many of the attendees. We had 12 active editors during the event, we also had additional visitors to event that were curious to see what was taking place which also afford us the opportunity to photograph one of the artists being written about. As the day drew to a close everyone was very happy to have participate and all sort out further opportunities to continue their efforts with support which will occur through the WikiCkubWest regular fortnightly editing session at Riff.

In November WikiClubWest had a marque at the seniors Have-a-go day event for that event we created flyers, some the remaining flyers were brought to the KMN event. These flyers have a how to use the Commons app, and a brief of what WMAU & the WikiClub can do, as part of that flyer Sam created the email alias for wikiclubwest that distributes any emails to key people in WA who can help with any inquiries.

the flyer

Recommendation: That a similar email alias be setup for each state, and these flyers be provided for use at events. Reason:

  1. The email address is able to have individuals adjusted as needed.
  2. It gets delivered to multiple people, ensuring a time response, along with a broad range knowledge holders
  3. It doesnt become obsolete, like individual business cards can over time
  4. The flyers can be printed on a more durable material, and can be put in community notice places at various GLAMS

It was very good day, the room at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery was well suited for this and future events though the issues with Wi-fi access for visitors to UWA is something that will need a simpler solution.

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