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I'm '''JamesR''' from Brisbane, Australia.
Hello! My name is '''James R.''' and I am an [[w:en:Wikipedia:Administrators|English Wikipedia administrator]], [[m:IRC/wikipedia/Operators|Wikimedia IRC operator]] and official member of [[m:Wikimedia Australia|Wikimedia Australia]].

You may contact me via email at '''e.wikimedia[[Image:nospam.png|12px]]'''.
* '''[[wikipedia:User:JamesR|English Wikipedia]]''' (sysop)
* '''[[meta:User:JamesR|Meta-Wiki]]'''
* '''[[foundation:User:JamesR|Wikimedia Foundation]]'''

I am known as <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:JamesR'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki>, <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:E'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki> or <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''User:Zodiac'''<nowiki>]]</nowiki> across many Wikimedia Foundation projects.<br />If you are unsure of an account, please check my [[m:User:JamesR/matrix|interwiki matrix]] or contact me for verification.
'''Email me:''' {{nospam|e.wikimedia|}}

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I'm JamesR from Brisbane, Australia.

Email me:

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