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I'm a wiki-involved sort of chap, and happy to be part of WMAU :-)

What I'm up to

see below....(but please forgive the several month pauses between activity - who knew what busy really meant?....

Still alive, still interested, still around, but generally still. Privatemusings 13:19, 10 June 2011 (EST)

On Meta

Currently participating lightly in discussions about the 2010 Wikimedia Study of Controversial Content - lurking in other areas.

'certain types of content (say, images of explicit sexuality) generally create a reaction among broad groups of individuals, each acting independtly, and without ulterior motive, that gives us more confidence that we might consider these reactions legitimate and worthy of consideration' - caught my eye :-) Privatemusings 10:26, 17 September 2010 (EST)

On Commons

Periodically active in discussions relating to Sexual Content - still intending to continue uploading Powerhouse images from flickr, and generally pop a photo or two online as interest waxes - last time I went through my digital photos, I believe there's 10 / 20 which probably might help the projects.

On Wikiversity

Started work on Journal:A_Wikimedia_Australia_proposal, also lurking quite a lot, occasionally raising head into what is currently a rather fractured community. Interested in Canberra Recent Changes camp, and learning about Response testing on wmf projects

On Wikipedia (english only)

Fairly big watchlist, now 90% article space, gnoming away from time to time, plus lurking at places (articles) I've edited for years now. Very keen to see how Pending changes evolves, but kinda disinterested in joining the big huge long discussions which ensue.

On Wikisource

Absolutely nothing - which I feel guilty about, because it's one of the easiest projects to help out at, and seems completely hassle free :-) - hopefully I can update this in a month or two with some contributions!

On Wikipedia Review

Pop in fairly regularly, follow the occasional thread, not really posting much.


watching the following;

  • impressed and concerned in equal part at these fundraising stat.s :-)
  • keen to rattle the cage on more open editing here at WMAU asap
  • the 'proposals' proposal
  • the idea of outreach to regional historical societies
  • the nature of 'affiliated organisations', and how WMAU might work that
  • thinking about some sort of proposal related to 'controversial content', pornography on WMF servers, and possibly tying in to the whole Internet Filter discussion.
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