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ABN: 74 761 792 996
CAV Registration No.: A0051923E

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General information

Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® is a Wikimedia chapter, approved by the Wikimedia Foundation. We are currently accepting members and will be holding our first Annual General Meeting and the election of our first committee in mid-January 2009.

The purpose of the organisation is to:

  • organise and participate in educational and social events that promote development of Free Cultural Works and related open source software systems, in particular wikis
  • increase public awareness, support and participation in the projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF)
  • develop resources to assist Australians in the creation and maintenance of Free Cultural Works

Wikimedia Australia is recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation as a 'official chapter' and as such will offer members an official voice in the global Wikimedia community, whose aim is to create unencumbered resources for use throughout the world.


To become a member of Wikimedia Australia, you may visit our membership system where you can complete the application before your nomination is accepted by a member of the committee.

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