2009-2010 AGM/Financial Report

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Wikimedia Australia Inc. Accounts for the financial year 1 July 2008 - 30 June 2009

This is the full financial account for the first year of operation of Wikimedia Australia Inc. The main income is from memberships, but note that some renewals were paid in the last three months of the financial year as we offered a reduction for members who paid in advance. The income from the Wikimedia Foundation to support the GLAM-Wiki Conference was paid in this financial year, but was spent in the current financial. If GLAM-Wiki income and expenditure is removed from the account, the balance of income over expenditure was $1876.47.

Cash accounting based on bank details
2007 – 2008 Income 2008 – 2009
Membership No
$0.00 New members – full 38 $1,520.00
$0.00 New members – concession 15 $300.00
$0.00 Renewals – full 6 $120.00
$0.00 Renewals – concession 1 $10.00
$0.00 Total membership $1,950.00
$0.00 Donations $180.00
$0.00 Interest $0.32
$0.00 WMF Grant $6,290.50
$0.00 Total GLAM $6,290.50
$0.00 Other $1.20
$0.00 Total Income $8,422.02
$0.00 Incorporation costs $113.50
$0.00 Linux Open Day Expenses $91.05
$0.00 Web hosting $45.00
$0.00 Bank charges $5.50
$0.00 Bank charges $2.00
$0.00 Total GLAM $2.00
$0.00 Total Expenditure $257.05
$0.00 Balance at Bank at 30 June, 2009 $8,164.97
Assets and Liabilities
Tangible Assets and Liabilities
$0.00 Cash at bank $8,164.97
Payments due
$0.00 GLAM Venue and food deposit $5,216.00
Net assets $2,948.97
Assets with unclear monetary value
Web domain

These accounts have not been audited. There is no obligation on us to have the accounts audited unless Consumer Affairs Victoria asks us to do so in a particular financial year. We may however be required to have the accounts audited in the process of gaining approval for fund-raising in some States or Territories.

I declare that the above is a true record of the financial affairs of Wikimedia Australia Inc. for the financial year 2008 - 2009,

Brian Salter-Duke, Treasurer.

Some notes on financial affairs in the current financial year

[Note: this section is for interest of members only. It is not part of the official financial report and it will not be sent to Consumer Affairs, Victoria, after the AGM. In fact nothing has to be sent to CAV this year as we are still in the first 18 months since incorporation. The first report that will be sent to CAV will be the one for the 2009 - 2010 financial year.]

It is not appropriate to give a full account of the current financial year to this AGM, but members will be interesting in how we are running.

The GLAM-Wiki Conference was a great success. In addition to the WMF grant, it attracted two other grants totalling $2,500. The main cost was that of catering and finally the result was a small loss of $28.65.

We also attracted other grants from the WMF, but unfortunately they over paid us by paying the GLAM grant twice, once earlier and then again with the other grants. We have to repay this and this will be done in the next few days. The issue was only resolved on 24 November, so it could not be repaid earlier. The WMF has also asked us to repay one grant for the Wiki Academy that was planned for November but not run. This will be included in the payment to WMF, which will be US$7,572.04. $701.00 has been spent against one of these grants.

Membership to 28 November has brought in $1210 and there has been $240 in donations. Expenditure, other than that for GLAM-Wiki or from grants, totals $98. The bank balance is a very healthy $19,087.60, but the comments above about repaying monies to the WMF should be noted. The new committee needs to move forward to organise activities that will allow expenditure of the various grants.

We now can accept Paypal payments. However 3 payments, covering 4 membership fees and totalling $160, attracted fees of just over $4. Transfers less that $150 to our bank account attract further fees, so the transfer was delayed until over $150 was in the Paypal account. Bank transfers from within Australia are free. The largest bank fees are for overseas transactions. As Treasurer I am well satisfied with our bank, the Bendigo Bank.

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