2009-2010 AGM/Ordinary member/Brian Salter-Duke

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While I decided after much thought to not nominate again as Treasurer, I have decided to nominate as a committee member. If elected, it will first give me official status and responsibility to continue and see through the job of obtaining approval to fund-raise from each State and Territory, but at least for Victoria which is an application to Consumer Affairs and thus ties in with my position as Public Officer. I would like to continue as Public Officer. The Public Officer is appointed by the committee and has to be resident in Victoria where we are incorporated. This job of obtaining approval to fund raise is particularly difficult as it it differs significantly between the States and Territories. I think I described our situation accurately when I said, "We are trying to do 21st century fund-raising in a 19th century regulatory framework". Once done, it will be easy to maintain, but it will need much work to get it started and continuity may help. I have been the person on the current committee working on this.

I would also be willing to help with membership and financial matters, and any other matters that the committee decides to delegate to me.

I gave more information about myself last year at 2008-2009 AGM/Treasurer/Brian Salter-Duke.

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