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Hi all, my name is Daniel Bryant, also known as User:Daniel on all English-speaking Wikimedia projects.

Within Wikimedia circles, my main area of involvement currently is as an email response team leader (also known as an OTRS administrator) for the Wikimedia Foundation. Arguably, I could be described as only a semi-active editor of the English Wikipedia nowadays; I confess to being slightly disillusioned by many of the goings-on there, and have hence focused much of my Wikimedia energies this year both into my work as an email response team leader for the Foundation as well as Wikimedia Australia-related events.

Speaking of Wikimedia Australia-related events, I attended GLAM-Wiki in Canberra in the middle of this year, organised and hosted with magnificence by my nominator, Liam Wyatt. It was certainly the most enjoyable conference I've ever attended and participated in, and inspired me to get more involved with the GLAM-Wiki side of things, which will hopefully come to fruition in the coming weeks and into the new year.

I have presented (as both a volunteer Wikipedia administrator, and also as a member of the young-people-digital-revolution-era) at a number of conferences in Adelaide over the past few years, notably the national Australian Schools Library Association annual forum when it was held in the City of Churches in mid-2007, with my topic being centred around the responsible use of Wikimedia websites in schools; as well as at the 21st Century Learning: Rethinking risk and learning discussion forum in 2008, and most recently at the national Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools at the Adelaide Hilton during mid-September of this year.

If successful in this election, I hope to further promote Wikimedia and WIkimedia Australia, both in the educational sphere as well as the GLAM-Wiki sphere, and to push for greater outreach to both the media as well as schools where possible to further the goals of the association.

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