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Hello, I am Stephen Bain, User:Stephen Bain on Wikimedia projects (my home wiki being the English Wikipedia).

Within Wikimedia Australia, I was a founding member and part of the interim committee. Within the Wikimedia projects generally, I've been editing for over five years, mainly on the English Wikipedia (there's a summary of my work here) where I am currently whiling away the days on the Arbitration Committee. I've also contributed a little to the Commons and elsewhere. In meatspace, I've just completed an honours year on my Arts/Law degree.

The highlight of Wikimedia Australia's work in 2009 has undoubtedly been its engagement and formation of relationships with the GLAM community. In 2010 I would like to see us extend our reach towards other areas of the cultural and informational sector: to what might be called cultural producers - such as local historical societies - to try to build relationships with and draw in content from the grass roots, as well as from the large institutions. I would also like to see us expand on this base to engage with cultural consumers: schools and other educational institutions, to build relationships with teachers just as has been done with librarians and curators, and to develop ways to make the Wikimedia projects a part of educational programs.

If anyone has questions I may be contacted by email.

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