2011–12 budget

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This Budget is primarily to provide the Wikimedia community with a high level view of the organisations funding needs in 2012, in order to feed into planning discussions and agreements for the 2011 Fundraiser.

In 2011 the organisation undertook a Strategic Planning exercise, and a three year Draft Strategic Plan was approved by the members at the general meeting held on 9 October 2011. Many of the projects and programs in this budget already align with the strategic plan, however funding for more staff and new projects will be required if the Strategic Plan is approved.

Description Budget
Miles/Dogwood Crossing Academy 3000
Michael Everson Writing System Strategy Document 2000
Batak Script Meeting USD300
Strategic Planning 5000
Other QLD Academies (10) 30000
Other state Academies (10) 30000
Other academies (10) 30000
Chapters Conference (2 Australians + 2 Others) 7500
Wikimania Half-Scholarships (10) 10000
Wikimania Full-Scholarships (5) 12500
Fundraising Conference 2500
Adelaide Conference 10000
Languages Conference 60000
RCC Canberra 2012 10000
Small Grants (20) 4000
Ad-Hoc Grant Pool 8000
Classical music scholarship 12000
Camera equipment program 10000
Photography competition 2000
Operating Costs 5000
Minor Capital Acquisitions (Printers, Scanners, Cameras etc) 5000
Fundraising Staff 10000
Project Manager (from February-ish to June) 45000
Legal Fees 2000
TOTAL 315800

Note: Items highlighted in green have already been budgeted for by a resolution of the committee.

Existing commitments

In the May 2011 committee meeting, the following commitments were made:

  • Michael Everson Writing System Strategy document - $2000
  • Batak script travel grant - USD$300

WikiAcademy program

State Libraries

Wikimedia Australia has been developing a regional Queensland workshop program in collaboration with the State Library of Queensland, based broadly on the Proposal:WikiAcademy program - Regional historical societies. The first workshop was held in Miles at the end of the 2010 financial year, followed by a presentation at the Queensland local studies conference to promote running these workshops, and two regional libraries have requested to part of this program. The State Library of Queensland and Wikimedia Australia have informally committed to run ten workshops in 2011-12. The budget for each workshop may vary greatly, largely due to the costs of travel to remote areas of Queensland. We have allocated $30,000 to be available for the series of 10 workshops in Queensland, averaging $3,000 for each workshop.

Wikimedia Australia has met with two other State Libraries to discuss running a similar regional workshop program in their respective states, and we will talk to the other State Libraries when time and opportunity arise. We anticipate that at least one other State Library will commence a similar workshop program in late 2011 or 2012. We have allocated a further $30,000 to be available for WikiAcademies where the partner is a State Library other than the State Library of Queensland.

Other partners

Wikimedia Australia members have run a pilot workshop in collaboration with Australian Paralympic Committee at State Library of Western Australia. The objectives of these workshops is to train the Paralympic community in use of Wikimedia projects, and to facilitate the improvement of Wikimedia content about the Paralympic history of Australia.

Wikimedia Australia recognises these objectives are aligned with both our purpose and the draft Strategic Plan.

There are two other partnerships being worked on confidentially by members.

To allow these partnership discussions to proceed with confidence, Wikimedia Australia is allocating a further $30,000 to be available for WikiAcademies where the partner is not a State Library.



To support the local community, Wikimedia Australia will be providing 15 scholarships to assist Australians attend Wikimania. We will provide ten half scholarships of $1000 each, and five full scholarships of $2500 each.

The total allocated for Wikimedia 2012 scholarships is $22,500.

Chapters conference

Each year the chapters of Wikimedia hold a conference in Europe. In 2011 we paid for two Wikimedia Australia committee members to attend, and we also covered the expenses for two members of another Wikimedia chapter.

In 2012, Wikimedia Australia allocates $7,500 for two Australians and two international attendees.

Fundraising summit

Each year the chapters of Wikimedia hold a Finance/Fundraising conference. In 2011 Wikimedia Australia sent a Wikimedia Australia committee member to this event, and expects to send a committee member to the 2012 event also. The 2012 event is being planned at meta:Finance meeting 2012.

In 2012, Wikimedia Australia allocates $2,500 for an Australian attendees.

2012 Languages conference

At the 2011 general meeting the members will vote on Proposal:2012 Languages conference.

If approved, $40,000 will be allocated for travel grants to the conference and $20,000 will be allocated to conference expenses.


A RecentChangesCamp unconference has been held in Canberra for the last two years. In 2011 Wikimedia Australia provided travel grants for the faciliator and to Australians who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Wikimedia Australia allocates $10,000 for travel grants to RecentChangesCamp 2012.

AusWikiConf 2012

Wikimedia Australia allocates $10,000 for travel grants to AusWikiConf 2012.


Wikimedia Australia has two programs for community allocation of funding.

Small grants

The small grant program provides up to $200. The number of small grant applications is steadily increasing, and we anticipate 20 applications in the 2011-12 financial year. The budget for this program is $4000.


The proposal process has no limitations, however large funding requests typically require a lot of planning and would be included in the budget for the following financial year.

Classical music scholarships

At the April SGM, the members approved the Proposal:Classical music scholarships, requiring that we allocated $12,000 for the project in the 2011-12 financial year. This project is subject to ongoing private negotiations and will require the organisation to engage legal opinion before signing any contracts.

Camera equipment program

In September the committee approved the Proposal:Camera equipment program, with a budget of $10,000 for the 2011-12 financial year.


For 2011-12, Wikimedia Australia allocates a further $10,000 for projects not yet approved, to be used on projects with a budget of less than $2,000. Grants applications with a 2011-12 budget of more than $2,000 will be referred to an SGM.

The committee approved Proposal:Wikipedia loves ... my town - $2,000.


A part-time fundraising officer is required over the period between November and January. This may be a short term contract or an externally provided service. Estimated at $10,000

In order to achieve the strategic plan, Wikimedia Australia needs to obtain a Communications and Project Manager in this financial year. If we find the right candidate, we would like them to commence at the beginning of the 2012 and we have allocated $45,000 for their six-month salary.

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