Art and Feminism in Australia

What we've been up to for Art+Feminism in Australia.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

In the lead up to International Women's Day and as part of the National Gallery of Australia's regional Know My Name touring exhibition, Wikimedia Australia partnered with Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery for an editathon on 10 February. The theme "Making Women Count" was a great motivation for 11 new editors to increase the visibility of their regional women and non-binary artists.

See more details and photos in our recent blog post. The event Dashboard shows the articles that were improved:

Women's Art Register

On Saturday 9 March, right after International Women's Day Victorians met at the Richmond Library for an annual Art+Feminism workshop hosted by the Women's Art Register and the Library.

Women's Art Register Internation Womens Day Event in 2022

The Event Dashboard shows the 17 mostly new editors created 6 new articles on Australian women artists and updates to another 12 artists. New articles feature:

  • Elizabeth Gertsakis
  • Sandy Kirby
  • Maria Kozic
  • Leopoldine Mimovich
  • Merren Ricketson
  • Meredith Rogers

National Gallery of Australia

On Saturday 16 March in Canberra, Wikimedia Australia partnered with the National Gallery of Australia to celebrate Art+Feminism in 2024 with our annual edit-a-thon in the gallery library.

We have been partnering with the NGA for four years with regular editathons, some online but also in person. This year was no exception, building on previous years especially the 2023 event.

A group of 15 mostly new editors joined some of the NGA staff, volunteers and WMAU staff. It was a productive afternoon using the National Gallery's library to access artist's files, books and journals for quality references and a chance to see some rare books 'behind the scenes'.

26 articles have been expanded and improved, and three new articles include:

  • Hermia Boyd
  • Kathleen Sauerbier
  • The Print Circle

See our impact from the day here:

To help us track our overall impact we have created a Know My Name Dashboard for the events over 4 years.

Wikimedia Australia is proud to be part of the global Art+Feminism community and contributing to increasing the visibility of women and non-binary artists, as well as introducing more new editors to Wikipedia and Wikidata in the near future.

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