Environment Centre NT Wikipedian in Residence

Lee Point Binybara Community Meeting, image on Wikimedia Commons

The Environment Centre Northern Territory was successfully awarded funding through Wikimedia Australia's 2024 Partner Projects to engage local Wikipedian, Caddie Brain, to help grow Wikipedia pages related to the Northern Territory.

The Territory is an area of unsurpassed ecological and cultural value on a global scale, with unique biological diversity, largely intact tropical savannas, and free-flowing interconnected ground and surface water systems, but there are significant gaps in the information available on the area on Wikipedia.

During her tenure, Caddie will focus on updating and growing the NT’s environmental pages including plants, animals, ecosystems, major projects, and key players, as well as looking to build First Nations representation on Wikimedia platforms in a self-determined way.



Project Coordinator: Anne Finch, Operations Manager, Environment Centre Northern Territory

Wikipedian in Residence: Caddie Brain

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